Kookies by Michelle

I bake because I love the look on someone's face when they take that first bite and find out that it does taste as good as it looks. Following a recipe is a way to focus my thoughts and unwind. And the memories of baking in my early childhood bring me so much joy. It is truly a labor of love!  

Baking cookies has been one of my passions and starting a business has helped me feel empowered as a woman, a wife, and a mother.


Being a mom to 4 kids has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences for me.

My youngest are these twin girls, Olivia & Sophia, and they have kept us smiling & laughing.

They are the best critics of everything made from our kitchen.

They love baking with me and trying out different recipes!

Chocolate Crackles

My late grandmother, Vivian Pereira, loved this cookie. She made them for us all the time and she had passed on her recipe to my mom and my sisters, but I have started making this cookie with my own variations.

I hope to continue to pass on this tradition of baking this cookie with my own daughters.

I hope you try them and enjoy them as much as we do!

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What is Ube?

Pronounced "ooh-bae," ube is a purple spud related to the orange sweet potatoes you probably already eat on the reg. Though similar to sweet taters in shape and size, ube has darker skin and deep purple flesh. Many folks describe ube’s flavor as a mix between vanilla and pistachio. It has a wonderfully earthy and almost nutty flavor.

Though ube is originally native to the Philippines, it’s recently become an international sensation for its unique color and sweet, starchy flavor.

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Why I Enjoy Baking?

"Baking makes me focus. On weighing the sugar. On sieving the flour. I find it calming and rewarding because, in fairness, it is sort of magic - you start off with all this disparate stuff, such as butter and eggs, and what you end up with is so totally different. And also delicious."

- Marian Keyes


  • We tried a sampler of Michelle's cookies and OMGeeeee! These were so amazing! After the first bite of the mint chocolate chip my daughter said "best cookie I ever had!"

    The double chocolate cookie got my son off his video game.

    And the lemon was....WOW...We are still working through the rest, but Michelle does not disappoint with these cookies. Highly recommend!

    Natalie Leigh
  • Oh my gosh I just tried the lemon flavored cookie. It's so freaking good and I love the lightly powdered sugar on top. The cookie has stayed moist and is "melt in your mouth" good!

    @Mason Kreidt
  • Everything was delicious, particular favorites being the purple and normal chocolate chip, as well as all of the chocolate ones. Actually, they were all amazing and this is the perfect way to try the full range. Only complaint is that it is hard not to eat them all in one sitting because they are all so tasty. 10/10, would recommend.

    @Sydney Senior
  • I just ate a delicious chocolate chip cookie! Wow! So good!

    @Cathy Talley